Parkland Fredericton


Parkland Fredericton

New Brunswick
Building Type
Assisted Living, Long term care, Retirement Living
Occupancy Type
Institutional, Residential

Date Opened: 2010 | Square Footage: 278,000 |

A campus style development that includes five residences, with a total of 351 suites, to accommodate a range of services and supports. Beginning with Governor Hall, Brunswick Hall and Thomas Hall which opened in 2010, the campus grew again when Frederick Hall opened in 2015 and Regent Hall opened in 2016. Special features include private dining areas, doctors’ offices, theatre, salon and spa, outdoor gardens with walking paths and seating areas.

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Governor Hall

Governor Hall is a four-storey, 69-suite All-Inclusive Lifestyle Residence.

Regent Hall

Regent Hall is a three-storey, 51-suite All Inclusive Lifestyle Residence.

Brunswick Hall

Brunswick Hall is a two-storey, 60-suite Assisted Living Residence (licensed Special Care).

Thomas Hall

Thomas Hall is a two-storey, 72-bed licensed Nursing Home, comprised of six neighbourhoods of 12 suites.

Frederick Hall

Frederick Hall is a one-storey, 360-bed licensed Nursing home, comprised of three neighbourhoods of 12 suites.