Building for Quality Living


Building for Quality Living

Nova Scotia
Building Type
Long term care
Occupancy Type

Date Opened: 2002 | Square Footage: 645,530 |

In 1999, ACL Design Build Solutions Limited was awarded the Better for Quality Living (BQL) project contract. This involved an extensive renovation of two established nursing homes and the new construction of three new nursing homes. The BQL project was leading-edge for the province of Nova Scotia, delivering private rooms with private washrooms for residents as well as spacious and bright common areas for social and recreational activities. It was also groundbreaking in the development of a 24-person neighbourhood concept where all services are delivered within the neighbourhood. This design and build transformed the nursing home away from a medical / institutional model to a resident-focused model. We saw this as a major accomplishment for our organization, building three new nursing homes and completing two major renovations in 24 months. The BQL buildings are immaculate with an expected lifecycle in the 50 years plus range and continue to be homes of choice in Nova Scotia today.

For more information about the Building for Quality Living nursing homes, visit the Shannex website.



Harbourstone is designed with open and spacious neighbourhoods for all 272 long term care residents who call this community home. This was a new construction and replaced an existing home in the region. Located in Sydney, Cape Breton, Harbourstone opened in 2002, it’s comprised of 11 neighbourhoods.


Cedarstone was a brand new build, replacing an older nursing home in the Truro region. One hundred twenty-six residents call this community home, a single storey building with five neighbourhoods of 24 people. Cedarstone is designed with open and spacious neighbourhoods and inviting common areas that make special gatherings and socializing easy, contributing to the warm home atmosphere.


Parkstone was a brand new build. Parkstone is XX storey home with XX neighbourhoods and a total of 194 long term care residents and four respite guests. Located in Clayton Park, next to the Parkland Clayton Park seniors living community, Parkstone The community is designed with open and spacious neighbourhoods, each featuring living, dining and activity rooms as well as a kitchen servery and nursing station. Comfortable furniture, fireplaces, welcoming decor and well-appointed rooms make special gatherings and socializing easy at Parkstone.


Home to 87 residents, Maplestone was extensively renovated in the BQL project. The home is a single storey home with three open and spacious neighbourhoods, with warm comfortable living, dining and activity rooms. Located in the Fairview community of Halifax, Maplestone also has a fully enclosed private courtyard where residents enjoy plenty of activities, the landscaped gardens and sunshine.


Arborstone is located in Halifax and is home to 190 residents. This property was an extensive renovation in the BQL project, to better meet the unique needs of every resident while promoting choice, flexibility and independence. This four-storey building has four distinct communities, with bright and spacious living, dining and activity spaces. Design Build Solutions is currently renovating the first floor community spaces at Arborstone to better suit the needs of the young adult residents.